HOCA provides:

We provide advisory services to support organizations in rapidly changing environments in more dynamic and relevant ways. 

We believe that we can help to address today's challenging environment, in distinct and clear ways, the value of our approaches are in the designing and sustaining around achieving consistent innovation:


* We look at the Roots of an Organizations Values

* We look to accelerate the interactions needed in a growing networked economy

* We seek to build value into those networks and relationships in novel, emerging practice ways

* We look to build Enterprise Capabilities that places Innovation and Knowledge as the new beating heart of your organization


From this work we look to change perceptions and provide different more impactful outcomes

* We aim to deliver impact for future competitive performance as the result

* We provide solutions to the new Work-to-be-done in organizations

* The future of work is through exploiting the systems of engagement

* We align the work to the critical imperative of Innovation

* Building progressively knowledge attainment and translation for new growth, future wealth, and prosperity.


The Work-to-be-done is focused on connecting to the emerging areas of Organizational need being faced in today's rapidly changing markets and diminishing resources

One that brings out today's vital need of building the innovation capital, essential for growth, prosperity and sustainability towards a more promising future.

One that builds into its structure the ability to be agile, adaptive and constantly learning, built on a more dynamic design and fully landscaped against your needs.

One that recognizes within organizations that innovation fitness is focusing on having in place the right capabilities, competencies and capacities to support growth aspirations and tackling more complex challenges we need to address in today's environment.