There are growing benefits in using a mentor

To find someone who is empathetic and experienced in business is growing harder.

Finding these can offer considerable guidance and help you to avoid those typical and sometimes unseen 'pitfalls'

A mentor can provide:

The opportunity and environment for you to step back from the day-to-day detail to take fresh stock, to re-engage in the bigger picture. They can help you to refocus

They can be a great sounding board as they listen they can prompt and stimulate your thinking. They can challenge it and help in arriving at new ideas towards solutions to your challenges

Growth or the needs for Renewal are tough areas to manage. Timely advice can instil confidence, offer alternatives, and explore options. Avoiding 'classic' mistakes made by others can be recognized

Today, we need to leverage the connections within our networks more and more. Knowing who, where and why becomes increasingly of value so as to avoid loss of time, energy and basic mistakes.

Discussing constantly changing business challenges often needs external evaluation. Often you can forget one issue as another one 'pops up' to crowd out, even more, the agenda.

 Having the opportunity to revisit these, to reflect on changes since the last conversation or meeting, the mentor can become the catalyst

These discussions can become a powerful motivational force for you to recalibrate, stay motivated, and have added incentives to think through these again, with that different and shared perspective being offered by someone who has real practical and broad business experience.