HOCA Consulting has its original roots based in Singapore since 2000, it is now based in Switzerland

Today, the business mainly operates out of Switzerland as its HQ base, yet we still maintain our 'forming roots' built over twelve years based in Singapore

Much of our heritage and expertise was gained in consulring across Asia. Singapore is our registered office for HOCA International Consultants

The Evolution

In this time this business has evolved from a general strategic and tactical consulting one, into a more advisory work fouced increasingly on innovation and the associated knowledge and the new work-to-be-done needed in our rapidly changing and challenging environments.

HOCA offers advisory services, through well-researched activities a range of options for coaching and mentoring services, alongside consulting and thought leadership insights that include working with organizations, teams or individuals.

We see so many organizations are still stuck in much of the traditional thinking left over from the last century. They still operate their businesses still in 'command and control' ways

They treat their most precious resource, their people, as unable to make the stunning contributions they have the potential to make- why? Is it not a time for making the changes?

There is this need to rethink work can help you and your organization design and develop more effective ways to 'battle' with today's more volatile and challenging environment in knowledge attainment and translation into new value for all concerned.

 Any first step is the hardest, let us help, we can help pilot you through the different challenges.