We should link up digital transformation into its business purpose.

Undergoing any transformation must be for a reason as it can incur a lot of pain before you get to the gain. Moving closer to our innovation need we can see digital transformation everywhere, it is actually all around us. The customer today feels a growing empowerment, in choice in personalization, in knowing the products or service they are buying are meeting their needs and these are becoming increasingly intelligent to meet these choices they are making.

Companies need to increasingly interact with customers, as close or actually in real-time to learn, adapt and deliver to their evolving needs. This requires a company to become far more ‘highly automated and adaptive’ a listening organization. The alignment of technology, the use of increasing levels of connectivity and evaluations can deliver significant news ways to assess what is valuable and what can be innovated to provide increasing value back to your customers. Learning to be responsive and adaptive become key

To get to this transforming point we need to build in a faster adaptation of business strategies and turn out faster innovation outcomes that meet these needs as key to this. Our transformation journey needs to embrace the cloud, mobile, data and networks and increasingly reliant on higher levels of analytics to interpret and translate information, turning this into insights, into ideas, into innovation that delivers increased value to your customers.

So we recognize we need to make digital transformation as critical to our sustaining needs to perform and grow. Digital progress needs to lead somewhere and most often it will fundamentally alter your (innovation) business model. You need to be adapting constantly to what this will mean.

Now that really becomes transforming.