We need to ensure networks remain healthy and vibrant. We certainly need to seek out the dynamics within each and to do this we need to ask:

What are the on-going exchanges within the system that make up the communities for us?

As we interact what is the impact derived from the time it takes up for us to participate?

What ways can we extend, create and leverage the value. Can we convert a certain value into another that offers increased worth and growing usefulness?

Value Creation comes in many forms but it is the pivotal role of our intangibles that give it the greatest potential

- What makes up the negotiable and deliverable in what we do?

- What can be extracted as tangible benefits and intangible value exchanges that emerge as we explore them into more tangible ones?

- What impact these decisions and actions have to specific business activities, challenges and issues?

These make up the 'currency' of new value and are found across different networks and communities. We need to seek, find and engage in these.