As we look at our networks, both internally and externally we need to find clear identities, we need to build a profile that 'speaks' of reputation and trust.

As we engage across different, often diverse resources we need to be authentic in how we go about our business. What we do, who we engage with it requires 'relevancy' to all

Our values need to contribute to others values and interests, as this will build our legitimacy to engage, to exchange, to seek and respond- we need to remember it is always reciprocal.

We need to place greater trust in others, as we perceive them so we can recognize their unique identities and contributions so we help build each other’s capabilities.

The level of engagement, our clarity and values build reputation and identity. The very patterns of participation and contribution are decided and often dictated at multiple levels by others, not ourselves.

We need clear identities that are the bedrock to build out our communities, based on reciprocating value and trust in how we exchange going forward.

To navigate through this often needs consistent support, it needs clarity of mind and underpinning of approach to draw out each of our unique identities. We can help.