Let us offer a view:

We require Adaptive Organizations to deal with increasing complexity in today's world

The Adaptive Organization requires nurturing, not directing. Today and in the future the growing value of our connections within our networks are where knowledge will be 'freely' exchanged and the understanding will be translated into new value.

Communities will become increasingly important where the 'players' within these will feel a sense of common purpose, connectedness, growing trust and belonging.

Certainly knowledge is personal but it needs nurturing, increasingly in more open forums and exchanges. The unenlightened organization may feel it 'owns' their employees knowledge, but the employee continues to know otherwise. When they leave, the knowledge often leaves with them both tacit and explicit.

Our knowledge is a huge part of who we are, what we stand for, what interests us. This gives us as individuals our clear identity and our value.

To allow this knowledge to freely flow there needs to be clear emotional connections and a place or reason for making positive consequence for us to offer up to others what we know or how we can contribute. Organizations have great difficulty in enabling this, far too often it squashes it through its rules, regulations, hierarchies, structures or by allowing certain individuals to dominate.

We need more connections, both internally and externally, we need to have a constant alignment to a common purpose, a sense of identification and totally clear that around us the same engagement and purpose is a shared commitment to that purpose, as sincere and genuine. It has to be relevant and what we care about.

Shifting from that often sense of growing frustration, a source of exhaustion for many can shift to a new platform of excitement and overwhelming opportunity- seeing beyond possibility.

We look to increase capacity, capability and agility. We would argue for persistent, focused learning. We want to see increased relevancy for all to become more inspired, inspired to innovate, to be creative and through this create the economic value that can come out of this greater focus increasing flair, dedicated skill and hunger for knowledge to translate into real future worth.